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  Animals on the Kayaking Trips for Sight Seeing

Animals We See On Our Kayaking Trips

Keep your eyes open for animals while paddling

No matter where we camp and paddle, we will be sharing space with the wild creatures of the land and sea. There is an abundance of wildlife that flourishes in each of our kayaking destinations and our clients are likely to encounter several wild animals on their paddling adventure. Whether it be exploring migrating orcas in the Johnstone Strait, paddling alongside sea otters near the Bunsby Islands or spotting black bears in British Columbia’s pristine temperate rainforests; encountering this regions wildlife is guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience.

While seeing wild animals can be a rewarding event, it’s important to acknowledge that these animals are “wild” and have the potential to be dangerous. Our guides are experts at animal safety and take every precaution to assure that any wildlife encounters we have are non-confrontational. Using proper food storage techniques and coming equipped with safety equipment such as bear spray helps us to insure that any animal sightings on our trips will be completely positive experience.

Our guides constantly educate our clients on the animals they may see during their expedition but it is always helpful and interesting to come into the experience with some pre-existing knowledge of the area’s wildlife. For this reason, we provide general information on several of the animals we commonly encounter on our website.

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