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Day Trip Kayaking & Lessons

  Kayak Crusades Day Trips & Lessons In Deep Cove North Van, Horseshoe Bay & Ambleside West Vancouver


"Thanks for the paddle and picnic.... I can't tell you how great it felt for us to get out of the cube and into the water for a day. Going to work on Monday is going to be especially hard after our little excursion!

Dave Kayser,
Vancouver, British Columbia

Port Moody Group Trips

"What an amazing experience! I had no idea how much fun kayaking could be. The team bonding and team comaradere we generated with the company was invaluable. I recommend Kayak Crusades Group Kayaking for any team leader looking to increase morale and reward those star players.

Kalani B. E. Manloloyo ,
Oahu, Hawaii

Launching out of Deep Cove

"The trip was great for all of us, the kids especially cannot stop talking about their 'adventure at sea.' What a great way to get some fresh air and see B.C."

Lori Cottonchild,
Seattle, Washington

Launching out of Deep Cove

Day Trips In North Vancouver Deep Cove, West Vancouver & The Lower Mainland

Introduction to Kayaking with all day trips

A professional introduction to sea kayaking will furnish you forever with the skills to improve or start kayaking immediately. Knowledge of streamline, bulk heads, seat position, basic accessories and the best balancing techniques in the face of big waves will give you the knowledge, confidence, proficiency and zest to become a paddler for life!

We are NOT subsidized by the North Vancouver District. That is we do not use any of the NVD facilites or tax payer subsidies that certain other competitors utilize.

Corporate / Groups Trips / Custom Day Trips - See Photos of Custom Groups

We offer good times and skill development to a variety of custom groups. We have been hosting large corporate groups, school groups, ESL classes as well as local high school classes for years. Also a popular event is a custom family trip / lesson - inclusive of 6 - 12 yr olds with parents.

Usually, each day trip starts with a brief introductory lesson or a refresher for those who are well-seasoned paddlers. After a short intro, we "get Pacific" and go paddling! We paddle for about an hour or so to beach for a picnic and or coffee. From there we return or go with consensus of the group by paddling on farther.

We can accommodate groups of varying sizes and skill levels so if you have a group looking to do something different for the day, contact us. In past years, group trips have included professional hockey teams, rugby teams, high school PE classes, corporate staff outings, special needs groups, as well as a group from a senior's centre on the North Shore.

We also have Full Moon / Evening Tour

A powerful sight indeed. Kayak beneath the full moon on a spring or summer night. Paddling the glassy waters into a sunset and returning under the bright full moon is an unforgettable experience. All lights and safety equipment for kayaks is provided by our company. Tour is from $99. CAD per person (2 hours). See more prices.

Deep Cove, Indian Arm, North Vancouver

$110 pp

$160 pp
$99 pp
English Bay, Vancouver
$110 pp
$160 pp
$99 pp
Ambleside to Stanley Park, Vancouverr
$110 pp
$160 pp
$99 pp
Howe Sound, West Vancouver
$110 pp
$160 pp
$99 pp
Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver
$110 pp
$175 pp
$95 pp
Sunshine Coast
$160 pp
$165 pp
$99 pp
Full Moon & Evening Trips
2 Hrs = $88 pp
4 Hrs = $99 pp
Custom Day/Night Trips
Contact us to arrange a custom trips such as corporate groups, non profit and romantic evenings.

Day Trip Destinations & Prices

Packing list for
all day trips

Deep Cove, Indian Arm North Vancouver

This fjord is a marvellous, sheltered area. So many consider it as a kayaker's playground. For us, it is like a backyard. Our Deep Cove kayak location faces up Indian Arm, to the Northwest.

This 21 km long fjord has calm waters, many beaches, islands, marine parks and some amazing white-washed cliffs. Put simply, there is oodles of other magnificent scenery. See for yourself.

For those wishing to escape it all and still be home for dinner.... the beaches of Deep Cove are the best launchsites in the lower mainland. So close to Vancouver, but yet worlds away.

Deep Cove is a charming waterfront community which has a great selection of shops, restaurants, pubs, beautiful public waterfront parks, and hiking trails.

Deep Cove - Gallery 1

Deep Cove - Gallery 2

Recent Trip Gallery

We launch from First Nations land; so relax knowing that there is no parking charges or hassles, and, certainly no hectic, busy, public beaches with dozens of other kayak renters !


Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, Howe Sound - See Photos

Horseshoe Bay is in West Vancouver. Although we share the vast expanse of water with the BC Ferries, we find that it is the gateway to so much more. Bowen Island is about a 45 minute paddle. Whitecliff Park can be a short 30 minute paddle with an unsurpassed panoramic view of the Georgia Strait, the horizon between the mainland and Vancouver Island, off in the distance, and lots of bird life and mammals. When it is sunny and slightly breezy, this area can seem like a hemisphere-warp into the Mediterranean.

This trip is very weather dependent; for if the wind blows the water can be quite choppy and rough, especially those outblows from Whistler way. It is for this reason that we always emphasize that KKC Guides make the final call on all kayaking decisions. We know the ocean best.


Ambleside, West Vancouver - paddle along the Stanley Park Sea Wall!

Talk about the best way to see Vancouver's landmark, the Sea Wall and Stanley Park, this is it! We leave from Ambleside beach and paddle across English Bay: cruising the Sea Wall and the beaches of Stanley Park. You can even do a paddle-by‚ with your digital camera. Hundreds of international visitors walk the Sea Wall every day, only a very privileged few paddle the sea wall every week!

The Lower Mainland - we will bring the kayaks to you!

We are a unique company in that we will bring the kayaks to you in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We have often brought our kayaks out to Port Moody and White Rock. If you are looking to do a freshwater paddle in one of the many of the lower mainland's lakes, we can accomodate that as well!



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