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  Vancouver Island And The Sunshine Coast Kayaking Destinations

"As we paddled into Princess Louisa, I felt like we had crossed a vortex into a dream world that only exists in movies. What a majestic place. I may be back for more, it's calling me back!"

Jane Ephraim,
Newport, Oregon

"A mezmerizing trip. This is the way people should see Canada!"

Gregory Schaumburg,
Halifax, Nova Scotia









































































Hotham group










Kayaking Destinations


1) Johnstone Strait (5 Days - Departs from Telegraph Cove, BC)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Get Prices

Johnstone StraitThe Johnstone Strait is the seasonal destination for migrating orcas (killer whales) as they feed on salmon that also pass through these waters, or mate within the confines of their 'bedroom', otherwise known as Robson Bite. If you hare privileged enough to paddle in close proximity to these spectacular mammals, you can really sense their level of intelligence, and understand exactly why human kind should continue to reverse their inxtinction trends.

Nothing can compare to the exhilaration and sense you can get when an orca bull rises out of the water and sprays you, or when you can watch them passing underneath your kayak.

Visit abandoned Kwakiuti Indian Villages with middens and totem poles and evaluate an abundance of archaelogical evidence of previous habitations and civilizations. Then and there, your mind will be free to flirt with the rich cultural and ecological history of this special area.

Paddle past ancient Indian pictographs: watch for bears that roam shorlines: paddle near to the boundaries of the famous Robson Bite Ecological Reserve: try to spot the numerous forms of birdlife: or best yet, enjoy the frontier-like sense of kayaking with expert guide.

Our days are spent exploring various inlet islands, and always looking out for other forms of marine life: mink, whales, sea otters, dolphins or black bear, deer and birdlife.

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2) Kyuquot Sound, Bunsby Islands, Brooks Penninsula
(Meets in Campbell River, BC - Departs from Fair Harbour)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

Kyuquot SoundThe Kyuquot Sound is easy paddling for the remote West Coast Native History and marine ecology and our expert guides are passionate about conveying their extensive knowledge. Laden with old Nuu-cha-nulth village sites, totem poles, middens and fishing sites, this is the next best place to the Queen Charolottes for encountering archeological remains. Ther are also many bald eagles, whales, black bears and hundreds of sea bird in the Kyuquot.

To get there:
To reach Fair Harbour, as the departure point for this trip, one must follow Hwy 19 on Vancouver Island. From Campbell River it is about 125 km's north to a very small town called Woss. Pay attention to the Hwy signs. Continue past Woss another 22 km's to the well-marked Zeballos turnoff. From there, follow the gravel road for 41 km's to Zeballos and keep going for another 33 km's along the logging road. Total distance from the main hwy to Fair Harbour is 75 km's one way, but since it is a gravel logging road, be prepared to drive slowly; and for it to take about one hour.

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3) Nootka Sound

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

NootkaNootka Sound has it all. It is a true jewel for kayakers. Located on the west coast of North Vancouver Island, approximately 55 miles (70 km) north of Tofino, it is best accessed from either Gold River or Tahsis or by chartered mothership. The Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations have been inhabiting this area for thousands of years because of its rich sea life and natural resources, mild climate and gorgeous surroundings. As the Aboriginals insist, Nootka is not just a place it is a feeling ... and it is said that if you listen closely as you paddle the shores and walk the beaches, you might just hear elders talking.

The sheltered parts of Nootka Sound are like a wilderness playground full of scenic splendour. In fact, so many of the best places in the Sound can only be reached by kayak. There are numerous sheltered inlets, cloud-laced valleys, small islands, steep forested mountains, remote wind-swept sandy beaches and dense rainforest. Not only that, but the area is teeming with wildlife and sealife: orca whales, gray whales, sea otters, seals, salmon and eagles.

With the shelter of the sound on the inside and the brilliant, unrestrained, blue Pacific Ocean on the other, one cannot help but realize that the picturesque and tranquil sound that will soon be discovered by many more. KKC expert guides know the weather, tides and currents, and, the best beaches to camp on.

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4) Clayoquot Sound (Departs from Government Dock in Tofino, BC)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotClayoquot Sound is very well known around the world for its rainforest and its beauty, the West Coast of Vancouver Island is deservedly admired for its pristine wilderness.This trip has it all! Some of the last temperate old growth rainforest left in the world with fresh water streams and endless white sandy beaches. For good reason, many consider the Clayoquot Sound as one of the 'eight wonders of the world' while others have dubbed it 'the Hawaii of the North'.

There is no better combination of natural features and biological diversity for sea kayakers in North America. It's a perfect place for sunsets, whales, old growth, trees, beaches and the open water.

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5) Broken Islands (Vancouver Island, BC)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotThe Broken Islands is ideal for beginner paddlers because it is such a sheltered area. It is an archipelago of islands offering protection from the open Pacific. It is designated as a national wilderness park and therefore has some primitive facilities. The area has over 200 species of sea birds, incredible fising and extensive history.



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6) Princess Louisa inlet (7 Days - Departs from Egmont, BC)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotPrincess Louisa inlet very well may be the ultimate jewel of the Sunshine Coast as it is steeped in Native history with rock paintings, abandoned villages, mile high fjourds and thousands of glacier-fed waterfalls at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet. The inlet's scenery is internationally renowned.

2008 PLI Photos

2007 PLI Photos


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7) Hotham Sound (3 Day Trip - Departs from Egmont, BC every weekend)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotIn this area we can offer our Rising Sun Camp with its facilities as an optional part of our trip itinerary. Hotham Sound is a spectacular example of the Sunshine Coast with the Harmony Islands and the incredible Freil Falls at its gateway. The rest only gets better, there are oyster filled beaches, distant snow-capped peaks, huge cliffs and gigantic luke warm tide pools which offer excellent snorkeling and swimming.



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8) Nelson Island, Hardy Island & Sechelt Inlet
(Departs from Egmont or Sechelt all year round)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotWe circumnavigate Nelson Ilsand via Jervis Inlet and the Malaspina Strait, stopping on Hardy Island for one night. There is much shoreline to explore and old abandoned dwellings and shipwrecks from the early resource era. The Sunshine Coast climate at the confluence of waterways furnishes a wonderful ecosystem for bald eagles, arbutus trees and sea life. This trip is a must see, especially for locals.



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9) Egmont (The trip schedule to Egmont is to be announced)

• Schedule to be announced soon: Prices

ClayoquotPlease check again soon! Egmont is the northernmost town on the lower section of the Sunshine Coast. Although the Sunshine Coast is part of the British Columbia mainland, you must take a ferry to get there from Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland. Take the ferry to Langdale from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Ferries run all day every day and there is usually no need for a reservation but if you want to play it safe, you can visit the B.C. Ferries website at bcferries.com.

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10) Texada / Jedediah Islands ( Departs from the Sunshine Coast)

• Trips: April to September, Dates to be released soon!: Prices

ClayoquotThis is a 4 Day - Maximum 12 people per group excursion. Jedediah is the main attraction of this trip, although it also features the west side of Texada Island with its old abandoned minnig shafts and worker camps. We circumnavigate Jedediah and explore both shores of the Sabine Channel, which is also famous for the runs of spring and coho salmon in late August. Jedediah offers 640 acres of old-growth forest and magnificient oyster-filled beaches, wild horses, and abandoned Euro-Canadian dwelllings from another era altogether.

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11) Day Trips and Rentals

Nimbus Kayaks

A professional introduction to sea kayaking will furnish you forever with the skills to improve or start kayaking immediately. Knowledge of streamline, bulk heads, seat position, basic accessories and the best balancing techniques in the face of big waves will give you the knowledge, confidence, proficiency and zest to become a paddler for life!

We offer day trips throughout the British Columbia lower mainland and Sunshine Coast. Our most popular being in Deep Cove, the English Bay and Howe Sound.

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