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Kayaking Guides

"Kit and Cody were so organized and [insightful]. Plus they were good at predicting where the whales were going to be! Is this good luck or [just] experience? ... and fun around the campfire. Thanks lads."

Annette Kopp,
Oslo, Norway

"I can't thank you enough for such an incredible, eye-opening, awe-inspiring experience ... though I am sure you hear that all the time, heh?"

Emanuel Swansong,
Santa Monica, California



Kayaking Guides

The guides that work with Kits Kayak Crusades Ltd are highly experienced, certified, insightful and wholeheartedly committed to your safety and trip enjoyment.

Together they speak a variety of languages including Aboriginal, French, Spanish and German. All guides are certifed VHF marine radio operators. They are all well acquainted in the native culture, natural history and ecology.

Every KKC sea kayak trip includes at least 2 certified guides and a photographer.


KIT S. PERRICK - Owner / Lead Guide

Kit PerrickKit has owned and operated his sea kayak company, Kit's Kayak Crusades Ltd., for 18 years as a native to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Not only that, but his family roots go back 4 generations on the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Canadian and British Columbian History); a Bachelor of Education (in Secondary Schooling); and a Bachelor of Laws and practices primarily in the areas of Aboriginal and family law. Also, he is very well versed in local socio-ecological history, due in part, to his studies in Environmental Resource Management at UBC. Most recently, he has guest lectured at the University of Carleton, in Ottawa regarding Aboriginal Law(s).

Presently, he is a practicing member of the Law Societies of both British Columbia and Manitoba and a practicing member of the BC College of Teachers. He formerly taught high school in North Vancouver (NVSD #44). He has kept his WCB Level III - Industrial First Aid and his Wilderness First Aid up to date for 20 years.

If you talk to Kit for more than a few minutes about the subject of oceans, you soon realize he is proudest of his international experiences in guiding sea kayak trips in places like: the Baja, Mexico; in Maui, Lana'i and Molokai, Hawaii; Gorges du Tarn, France; and in three separate fjords in Norway.

Quite simply, Kit has covered thousands of nautical miles in a kayak. He has been guiding sea kayak trips for over 20 years. These decades of experience underline why he is such a laid-back and confident trip leader. For this, we affectionately call him the "citizen of the pacific."




CODY PARKER - Canadian Coast Guard Officer - Lead Guide - Cook

Cody ParkerCody is our Master Chef, our fisherman extraordinaire, our Marine Expert, and a First Aid Attendant WCB Level III with CPR. His guiding and mariner qualifications are too numerous to list. In his other life, he is Canadian Coast Guard Officer, based out of Esquimalt, Vancouver Island.

He works 28 days on and 30 days off, so we can count on Cody leading half of our trips throughout the seasons.

He is as solid as a rock when it comes to guiding, navigating, reading the tides, and second-guessing the weather-man. When one wants an honest opinion, Cody doesn't beat around the bush - he just tells you flat-out, bluntly what the ocean's mood is, or, is going to be.

He continuously hones his many skills through his Coast Guard service. Also, when we wish for a big salmon, Cody catches and prepares it the way he did at his 5-star restaurant, in West Vancouver. Come and see for yourself!




DAVE J. MARCHAND aka "Roy" - Pro Guide

Dave MarchandDave has been guiding sea kayak trips and teaching kayak and canoe classes since 1990 when he moved to the Sunshine Coast and founded Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc., located in Egmont, BC.

Previous to this, Dave was guiding wilderness and mountain expeditions in the Rocky Mountains as a Mountaineer, while studying archeology at the University of Calgary.

In his pursuits, Dave often found himself leading diverse groups of international folk into the Rockies. He is always the one packing the guitar and strumming blues tunes aroud the campfires. This is probably why he fancies himself as the second coming of Roy Orbison.

With over 33 years experience, Dave is a well-rounded wilderness professional who has worked as a recreational therapist, recreational programmer, counsellor and Wilderness Guide. He loves to share his knowledge of Native culture and history with those who are eager to learn more about the ancient peoples of BC.

Currently, Dave is also employed with the Sunshine Coast School District.

To learn more about Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc., please go to: www.risingsunkayaks.com


DARRIN ROCKLIFFE aka "Bivi" - Lead Guide

Darren Rockcliffe"Bivi" is our newest sea kayak guide at KKC. This guy is a true north Canadian. Previously he has worked with other sea kayak outfits as a guide and instructor; and, a surfing and snowboarding coach for various Surf shops. Is it any wonder that he lives in Tofino?!

His backcountry & survival skills are impeccable. Bivi's ocean knowledges is equally impressive. He attributes some of these skills to a combination of having worked with Gulf Islands Search and Rescue for 3 years; earning his Life Saving Award; being an amateur tri-athlete; and someone who is well trained in martial arts.

He is also recognized by the Aboringinal Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of Canada and the Ocean Guides Assocation as a Level II Guide and the Aboriginal Guides Assocation of Canada. He has been guiding for 3 years as an ocean guide but has been guiding for many more years as a certified Mountain Guide. In his winter pursuits, Darrin guides mountain expeditions for intermediates and snow shoe trips for groups of youth.

Also, he has his Wilderness First Aid and his WCB Occupational - Industrial First Aid Level III and CPR and is a certified Surf Instructor. Among other acknowledgements and accomplishments, Darrin brings to every trip a sense of ease and quiet, a self-assured embodiment of confidence.

His latest claim to fame is the solo kayak journey he made from Tofino to Salt Spring Island in an old, '89 Necky Tesla. No wonder he made the newspaper with that eco-adventure!

He is especially proficient in ocean rolling and kayak surfing. For those interested in this type of exhilerating ocean-adventure learning, or just interested in bettering your existing skills, believe us, "Darrin is the guru!"





Christian Zavala Hernandez






Christian Hernandez

Christian joins us from La Paz, Mexico where he has guided kayaking tours off the coast of Baja for years, even calling the tiny island of Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortes his "home office."

Christian joined us during the summer of 2008 after completing extensive guide training with NOLS, ("the National Outdoor Leadership School" USA) and WFR from the Wilderness Medicine Institute, Oregon, USA. He also has his Bachelor of Sciences in Marine Biology from the University of La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

He is an expert paddler with a love for the water and an enthusiasm to teach and get wet. In 2008 he lead our trips to Princess Louisa Inlet and Kyuquot Sound as well as doing extensive day trip guiding up Indian Arm and in the English Bay.

Most recently, Christian became a NOLS instructor working in Alaska, Mexico and South America.


TARA SCHAUFELE - Part time Lead Guide

Tara comes to us with a wealth of experience. Originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Tara's expertise lies in Outdoor Education and Environmental Management. Having completed a Bachelor in Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, Tara has spent years in the Environmental Sector educating people about ecology and marine ecosystems. She is well acquainted with the "Leave no Trace" principles.

An avid and certified kayaker and whitewater paddler, Tara has spent years guiding in Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand.

Her knowledge in ecology and conservation as well as her extensive skills in backcountry travel and wilderness survival make Tara an unparalleled guide. We are very excited to have her with us.

Tara is currently completing a Masters in Environmental Management at Royal Roads University and, on her off time, is busy choreographing dance for theatre productions!


TERRY TOBIN- Guide, Teacher and Naturalist (DOD: March 24 2008)

Terry Tobin

Terry Tobin

Terry was a true "Deep Cove-r" - having been raised in the Deep Cove - Dollarton area since the 1930's. He was a teacher for the North Vancouver School District # 44, for over 35 years teaching sciences.

Terry tells stories about the days when there was horses and stables in Deep Cove. He was truly a local boy and takes great pride in sharing and showing it.

These were his humble 'outdoorsman' roots. Through his story-telling, many people realized how much Terry loved the land and how he how much cared for the forests and the environment. He knew every species of plant, tree, insect, flora and fauna. He was practically a walking biology encyclopedia. No doubt, that explains why he taught High School Sciences for over 36 years with such zest and creativity.

These are reasons why he was such a valued member of Pacific International Kayaking Association, and the Nature Land Trust Conservancy. He was a favourite speaker for presentations to BC Parks, the Deep Cove Heritage Society, the BC Historical Society, the Rotary Club, the Vancouver Aquarium, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Parkgate Community Centre etc. He even had his own Tour co.; "Terry's Tours" - most famous on the Gulf Island of Thetis Island.

Doing what he does best, Terry literally captivates campfire audiences with his crazy-funny stories about the wilderness, geology and / or the oceans. He is fond of telling stories about his younger working days in BC's remote forestry camps. Yes, he was a westcoast lumber-jack, logger for a time in his 20's. Most days, in his 60's, he still dressed like he worked in the the bush!

Terry has passed the torch. He has set the bar. We will do our best to carry forward his enthusiasm and knowledge. Link for more photos and text / memories of Terry


JOYA PERRICK - Part time Assistant Guide - Water Safety Expert

Joya PerrickJoya is a native to the Sunshine Coast and practically grew up in the water. She has the certifications of a Life Guard, swam competitively for many years, and, has trained in the ever-challenging sport of "water ballet". More recently, she has been employed with the North Vancouver Recreation Commission as a child care worker; running summer camps for youth (age 12 and under) and a program coordinator for their Delbrook location.

While out on kayaking adventures, Joya's strongest characteristic is her ability to foster a feeling safety; and to provide a comfortable environment for those who are not familiar with ocean waters.

Her addition to the trips allow for people of all ages to consider emarking on the experience of kayaking in the open waters. Our clients continually emphasize that Joya's humour, patience and intimate knowledge of the water make them feel totally comfortable in an ocean setting.


ANTONIETTE YAP - Season Part time Guide - aka "Toni"


Antoniette (a.k.a. Toni) hails from Burnaby, BC, where she was born and raised. In the off-season, Toni is a full time Mont Royal College student, in Calgary, Alberta, where she presently studies in eco-tourism and outdoor leadership (ETOL Program).

She has many water certifications, including but not limitted to, flat-water kayaking and canoeing certificates from Paddle Canada; Advanced Wilderness First Aid; Can-bike I, Casi I, and many more.

Needless to say, this woman has the confidence of a veteran paddler and will instill heaps of confidence in any junior and /or amateur paddler(s).


MARIO VARANDAS B. COM - Part time Seasonal Guide

Mario VarandasThis lad is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and knows the world oceans from a unique perspective. He is an ex-Marine from the Canadian Navy with a long list of official qualifications derived from his 5 years of service (too numerous and official to list herein). He was stationed out of Esquimalt, Vancouver Island. In addition, he has studied business admin. at the University of California. With his varied background, combined with his worldy endeavours, he has definitly earned the nick name "Navy Boy".

This lad knows the oceans of the world. He has been working with us since 1995 on a 'seasonal basis' and we are proud to say that our clients find his brand of light humour and sarcasm a "delightful presence".

(Too bad he is obsessed with talking about Portugese history and lamenting their numerous World Cup soccer defeats ... stop living in the past Mario!)


HUGO HOLDRINET - Part time Seasonal Guide

Hugo HoldrinetHugo came to KKC in 1997 as a seasoned wilderness photographer / guide from Quebec's Laurentian Mountains. Now a family man with his 2 young boys, we only are graced with Hugo's guiding on only his 2 favourite trips each summer.

His keen sense of capturing the epic moments with the photo lense soon led those of us at KKC to realize that this young man was no ordinary wilderness sojourner, he was a 'diamond in the rough'.

He has an extensive history of navigating, by canoe and kayak, in the waterways of Eastern Canada, namely the lakes, rivers and great portage routes of Ontario and Quebec. This furnishes any sea kayak journey that he participates in with a healthy and bilingual perspective on riperean and forest/marine interface ecosystems. Be warned, for when the westcoast season of rain arrives in Septembers, this bona fide, true 'Canadien' heads east for colder terrain in his native province of Quebec; to the Laurentians where he skis, skis, skis.


QUINN GAUGE - Seasonal Guide

Quinn GaugeQuinn just started as an assistant guide as this is his third season. We are always thankful to him for the sense of youth and strength he brings to any trip. He was born and raised in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

He is always the last one to go to bed - meticulously packing camp and kayaks every night, and he is the pack-horse for all the weight he carries in his kayak (the group water, propane, cook-stove, and group garbage). It is quite a site to behold when one sees how loaded up Quinn's kayak can get. The way he packs a sea kayak is truly an art.

Rest assured, he is the quiet, confident type that brings up the back of the pack (armed with his VHF radio) and on-going, continuous communications with the lead guides. Bringing up the rear keeps Quinn attentive to spotting wildlife. In addition, this guy is the textbook meaning of mr laid back!

Put simply, there is no one more likely to spot whales than 'the Quinn'.



Anna shredding up the Outer Banks


Anna was born deep in the heart of Nova Scotia, Canada's very own ocean playground. After 18 years of growing a brain, Anna headed off to foolishly take on the world. Her forays into the life aquatic began at an early age on her family's 24 ft sloop lovingly coined The Seagal (rest in peace). After 10 years of sailing, Anna decided to get a little more personal with the water and hopped into a kayak.

Land locked in Toronto until the completion of her degree, Anna began to mourn the lack of ocean through rock climbing and road biking. After one long bike ride to Pennsylvania from Toronto, and a summer as a Wilderness Instructor in backcrountry PA, Anna headed down to the dirty south and worked for 2 years as a kayak guide and surf instructor on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was there she learned how to stack kayaks, properly instruct a sweep stroke, and navigate a kayak under the light of a full moon.

Anna is also an avid birder and prides herself on her ability to call a bard owl, and identify over 200 species of birds. After arriving on the west coast last September, Anna is proud to call Vancouver her home. She joins KKC excitedly and might possibly be the happiest kayak guide you've ever met- or at least the 5th funniest.

MAYA WINGATE - Seasonal Guide

Maya WingateMaya is a born and bred a 'true North Shore girl'. And it is not hard to notice that she is proud of this. She has even worked at Grouse Mountain for many years. Apart from that, she has literally dedicated her life to teaching. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Maya's dad was a life-long secondary school teacher in West Vancouver and clearly he inspired Maya with his many years of teaching and leading outdoor education and activities.

Presently, Maya is a grade 6 French emersion teacher at Ecole de Pauline Johnson Elementary, in West Vancouver. She has been a seasonal and part-time assistant guide for KKC and Rising Sun since 1999. To every trip she brings her unrelenting patience and that North Shore sense of leadership and charm.



Clementine Photo

Clementine is co-owner of Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc. but assists us at KKC with her support and administrative skills. Her love for paddling and scenic shoreline owes itsefl to the fact that she grew up on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, in Manitoba.

Check out more about Rising Sun Kayak Adventures Inc. at the Egmont Marina Backeddy.



APRIL REED - Seasonal Guide

April photo

April hails from California, USA, but has dual Canadian - American citizenship. She grew up on the water in Port Moody, BC. Accordingly, her dock usually sports a few of our Nimbus Telkwas. She recently finished her Diploma of Technology at BCIT in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Management. She is very knowledgable about British Columbia's natural history and ecology. Pursuant to this she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Victoria and has been spending past summers in the British Columbia Interior doing practicum training in the forests. She also has her firearms certificate.

She is truly a gifted musician with her voice and guitar playing. We are so hopeful that she is spending some of her off-season time learning more Tragically Hip chords. To learn more of April's musical endeavors click here.


PATRICK KAYSER - Seasonal Guide

Patrick's Photo

Pat is from Ontario (one of the worst kind of Canadien breeds! He even worships the Toronto Maple Leafs). He has worked in the past as a certified canoe guide, fishing guide and lifeguard. He has sailed thousands of nautical miles on the Atlantic Ocean - roundtrip from Canada to the Carribean Islands.

Despite hailing from Ontario - aka being so geographically challenged - this man is a guitarist around the campfires with his loose style of lyrics and his tight string arrangements. He is a master of laughs and sing alongs!


PAUL TESSIS - Professional Chef

Paul's picture

Paul comes to visit us seasonally from his other life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the Caribbean where he works as a personal chef on some of the most impressive yachts in the world.

His past resume includes working for 5-star restaurants in Toronto and Vancouver, but more recently, cooking for Canadian rock stars such as Sarah McLachlan and the band members from the Tragically Hip!

While those seeking our kayak adventures are not exactly celebrities, Paul treats everyone like they are rock stars. He cooks for us at all or any hours, and, is consistent about preparing the best dishes and balanced meals.

As you will see, he is very personable and conscientious about his role as "thee cook." What is more, he responds very well to each and every person's dietary needs and is constantly seeking daily feedback from each and everyone.





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