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  Feel Welcome To Tell Us How You Enjoyed Your Trip, Lessons or Rental with Kits and his team.

Kit Perrick - Coho in Clayoquot

"Our first time kayaking. Thanks for the lessons and the laughter, free of charge..... we'll miss the rain forest, the water, the beach and our trusty guides!"

Catherine and Laurel Beckett,
Portland, Oregon

Christopher Kayaking

"Just got home but can still smell those incredible B.C. forests. It was a trip to remember and I can't wait to walk in the woods with you guys again!"

Jordy Donovan,
Bellingham, Washington

"This island has been our home for decades but only now do we feel like we've seen it in all its beauty. The Broken Islands trip was a special adventure for us!

James and Sarah Night,
Victoria, British Columbia

Catching fish in the Johnstone Strait

Kayak Crusade's Testimonials


"Since I spoke on the phone with Kit, it seemed like I knew him all along. Everything about the trip felt relaxing, easy-going ... everybody made it really cool. For me, it was mainly about spending time with good people and nature ... Nature is great, it shows us so much. The Clayoquot Solstice trip was about meeting new people and sharing moments together."

- Mario Ramirez, Durango City, Mexico


"It was amazing. It was my first time ever. I was finally able to meet like-minded people ... this is the type of eco-adventure I have craved. I am very satisfied with the trip. I am completely hooked ... and planning to go on more trips."

- Kristyna Zemanova, Granville Island, BC (formerly, Praha, Czech Republic)


Thank you Kit ... 100 % we will be back for another full moon - moonlight paddle (my wife and I) - as long as you paddle the double kayak for me and I get to take the photos ... that was my first time in life being on the Pacific ocean. You had to be there right? It was so hard to tell anybody how good it was ... [I guess] you have to have been there.

Alexander & Corrina Vlad, Metrotown, Burnaby, BC (formerly) Timiosian, Romania


"Hotham Sound was great. I live here and I was still blown away. I can't wait for Clayoquot. Bring it on, guys."

- James Sas, Deep Cove, British Columbia


"I liked our first trip to Nelson Island so much, that I joined the trips to Jedediah and Texada Islands later in the summer. I never know the west coast was so beautiful - the wildlife, old cabins, trees, mountains, fresh water and those beaches. Next year you must take us to the hotspring in the Clayoquot. See you then Buddy."

- Hugo Holdrinet, Montreal, Quebec


 "Travelling by sea kayak allowed us to silently observe wildlife at a very close range...and for this my photograph collection will be forever grateful. "

- Astrid Geason, Brunsum, Holland


"My spirit forever lives in those 1,000 year old Red Cedars in the Clayoquot! Thanks for showing us the best part of Canada. I will never forget the guitar, th wine, the salmon, the sunset and those happy times around the campfire. It was one of thebset experiences I ever had. I love you guys."

- Chantal Jacoba De Jong, Maastrich, Holland


"I haven't laughed so hard in ages. Our whole days were filled with excitement and adventure. We hiked, paddled, fished, and sang and danced, and thank God we never saw any bears. B.C. is such a beautiful place that i am goint o to return next year for my vacation."

- Helen Chaplin, North Devon, England


"Thanks for introducing me to a new sport. I must save to buy my own kayaks now. I never reqalized just how much more mobile you are in the kayak than in a canoe, my favourite pastime. Do you customize couples trips? My fiance would love to see some whales from a double kayak."

- Kelly Stapely, Kingston, Ontario


"The guides were great and very attentive to our most trivial needs. They made us feel right at home and made a collegial atomosphere with our group. Long live those Aussies."

- Sharilyn Buers, Winnipeg, Manitoba


"You did it again...an unforgettable adventure...this type of vacation is certainly addictive."

- Anne-Sophie Eie, Oslo, Norway


"The West Coast of British Columbia has a fascinating history, and it is etched along the shoreline of Indian Middens, totem poles, shipwrecks and abandoned villages."

- John Ince and Keidi Kotter

"By the time you get this I should be in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, using all that I learned kayaking with you and Ryan. Thanks again for a great day. The location was spectacular, but the good company is what truly made it a great day." (I put your and Ryan's photos on my facebook page)

-Sarah Fortune


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